Marketers everywhere are struggling to adapt to an unfamiliar world where customers control the conversation. Almost everything they have ever learned is now obsolete. New thinking is required if businesses hope to survive this unprecedented market disruption – thinking that puts the needs of customers first. This podcast is dedicated to the topic of marketing adaptation and transformation, featuring interviews with recognized thought leaders, customer-first evangelists and advanced practitioners. The interviews are lively, engaging and thoughtful, leaving listeners inspired to lead change in their own organizations.

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The State of Digital Advertising: An Interview with Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer, Acuity Ads

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One-to-One Marketing: An Interview with Don Peppers, Marketing Oracle and CX Expert

The State of Relationship Marketing: An Interview with Jagdish Sheth, Professor of Marketing at Emory University, Goizueta Business School

Deep Learning: An Interview with Gary Saarenvirta, CEO, Daisy Intelligence Corporation

Journey Analytics: An Interview with Lori Bieda, Head of Analytics Centre of Excellence, Bank of Montreal

The retail health of banks is dependent on effortless transactions across multiple touchpoints. But that can be a challenge in today’s mobile-first world, where customers expect to be served on demand. Identifying the “make or break” moments in that digital experience is critical – which is why journey analytics has become such a vital tool. Lori Bieda, Bank of Montreal’s Head of Analytics, is a “huge advocate of journey analytics”, and in this interview shares her expertise in its practical use and benefits.

The Future of Marketing: An Interview with Philip Kotler, the "Father of Modern Marketing".

He is universally acknowledged as the "Father of Modern Marketing". His classic textbook "Marketing Management" is now in its 15th edition. He has been called the "most influential marketer" of all time. Wold-famous marketing academic Philip Kotler shares his perspective on the future of marketing and "why it will be markedly different".