Businesses everywhere are struggling with change due to digital disruption. They are now at an inflection point: give up obsolete marketing practices, or risk being denied a meaningful role in the lives of people. The goal is no longer to amplify the voice of the brand – it is to serve the needs and interests of customers at every stage of the relationship lifecycle. This new marketing model is characterized by the strategic embrace of Customer First Thinking, where the emphasis is on delivering a more unified experience for customers. More than simply a platitude, this idea has evolved into a set of governing principles that can transform the corporate role of marketing from brand messenger to customer advocate.

“Today’s marketing is all about creating customer value and engagement in a fast-changing, increasingly digital and social marketplace. More than just making a sale, today’s marketers want to engage customers and build deep customer relationships that make their brands a meaningful part of consumers’ conversations and lives”.


The purpose of this site is to help marketing leaders transform the business practices of their organizations and adopt Customer First Thinking as the most sustainable way to restore and build customer trust. We believe that marketers are best positioned to lead this transformation but can only succeed if they have the knowledge to build more meaningful relationships with customers. Our plan is to offer marketing insights, commentary and advice on best (next) practices which will enable CMOs, senior marketing decision makers and their operational teams to make the shift toward this new business model.