In this series, we share the process, planning methods and systems governing the new, customer-obsessed marketing model.

The AdTech Ecosystem

Digital advertising now accounts for over half of all advertising in Canada and is growing at an annual rate of 25%. Over 80% of that expenditure is driven by programmatic advertising - the automated buying and selling of online ads – which requires a complex ecosystem (or “ad-tech stack”) of interconnected platforms, tools and services. This AdTech Ecosystem matches available ad inventory from publishers with bids from online media buyers, auctioning the ad space in real-time, all in the blink of an eye.

Integrated Customer Management

To earn the right to be a trusted brand, marketers need to adopt a new customer-first planning model, designed to support the needs of customers at every stage of the relationship lifecycle. The goal: create a seamless, more unified experience, which makes it easy for customers to interact with the brand, anytime, anyplace.

Customer First Thinking

Companies now realize that a great customer experience is the biggest driver of competitive advantage. But delivering a winning experience across multiple touchpoints is a complex undertaking. It demands new thinking, new systems, new capabilities, new processes – most of all, the strategic embrace of Customer First Thinking where serving the needs of customers is not just a corporate sentiment, but a way of doing business. Because what matters to customers is not the promises a brand makes – it is the promises a brand keeps.

Content Publishing Cycle

A critical success factor in delivering a great customer experience is the ability to offer quality content to customers. But producing relevant, timely and useful content consistently over time is a challenge for most companies. Marketers are simply not accustomed to thinking like publishers. A content publishing model is required, linking the brand value proposition to the creation, distribution and promotion of content.

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